Our founder

June 19, 2019

Marlene Steuber

I am an educator at heart. A love for learning and teaching runs in our family, from Philadelphia on my father’s side to Panama on my mother's side. I always enjoyed reading and learning, especially when traveling to visit my family and relatives.

I attended American University in Washington, DC to study education and then pursued my MEd from Framingham State University. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work in elementary and preschool classrooms for more than a decade. Little did I know, my students, class parents, and colleagues would guide me to my next step in my professional life: Parent Coaching. This career path merges my two passions: education  and parenting.

On a more personal note, I have been happily married for twenty years. I am a mother to two of the most incredible people I know: my 15 year-old-son and 12 year- old daughter. From the moment they were born, I was called upon to be the best mother I could and exemplify all the values I wished to instill in them. This experience has opened my heart and presented me with opportunities for growth alongside them.

At this time in my life, I know that my experiences have led me to create The Parent Toolkit. My goal is to provide families with tools to build meaningful connections with their children. To do this, I completed a year-long, graduate-level, Parent Coach Certification Program from PCI. I learned about proven strategies, effective tools and positive psychology principles that can help you lead a loving and fulfilling family life.

As a social entrepreneur, I plan on providing parents with information and resources to grow their parenting skills. As a cultural catalyst, my vision is to rally a community of learners that support authentic parenting.